Animotion is dedicated to providing its clients with a professional, quality service using a comprehensive approach with safe & gentle methods. Our only aim is to help restore your pets to functional mobility and/or to maintain optimum fitness & quality of life.

Usual primary techniques used in Flow4 for dogs:
Hydrotherapy (in pool)
Massage Therapy
Tellington TTouch Method

OUR FACILITY provides :
  • A specially designed hydropool large and deep enough to accommodate the largest dog breeds. It has temperature regulated salt water, sanitized by a salt chlorinator. Chemical & pH balance are maintained at the correct levels by an electronic water management system supplemented by testing conducted as dictated by CHA guidelines.
  • A rinse down station
  • Drying facilities
  • Electric hoist for dogs requiring extra assistance
  • A treatment & exercise room
  • A specialized land treadmill for professional use with animals
  • A boutique offering related products and equipment

Animotion is owned and managed by Sonia Labarre. She has had animals her whole life and has over 25 years experience handling and owning large breed dogs.
Sonia currently shares her life with two beautiful Briards as well as a small parrot, an old and very enthusiastic Thoroughbred (rescue) and several other creatures.

In the past 22 years, Sonia has been involved in all types of activities such as, obedience (positive reinforcement), conformation, agility, clicker training etc. An interest in rehabilitation developed in 1998 when having to rehabilitate her 9 year old Bouvier des Flandres after major reconstructive knee surgery. 

Drawing on her 25 yrs of resistance training experience along with veterinary support, her Bouvier enjoyed a speedy recovery to full mobility with a great quality of life to the respectable age of 14. 

The centre opens its doors in 2006. Since then, with the help of her amazing team of therapists, Sonia has rehabbed hundreds of animals through 10 000 swim sessions. In order to remain on the cutting edge Sonia continues to learn and research various modalities in this field. She is a Certified Tellington Touch Practitioner for Companion Animals and has undergone formal canine hydrotherapy training in the UK. She is certified Level 3 (required to operate a hydrotherapy facility in the UK), has ABC Accredited Certification in Canine Hydrotherapy and is a registered Member of the (CHA) The Canine Hydrotherapy Association (U.K).

This association regulates canine hydrotherapy pools operating in the UK and abroad and ensures they abide by quality standards and provide a professional, caring service. Sonia has gained her practical experience with three CHA regulated hydrotherapy referral centres in the UK.

In 2014, in the UK as well, she obtains her Post Graduate Diploma in veterinary physiotherapy for small and large animals.

Over the last 15 years, she has continued to study and accumulate new knowledge in an effort to develop a more cohesive approach, integrating several compatible methods obtaining even more convincing results.

This unique gentle and effective approach, which up until now has been known and talked about in a rather generic way, deserved and now bears its own identity since early 2018.

The Flow4 approach… a harmonious solution, tailored for each animal, its needs and its specific circumstances.


I am very proud of what has been developed and accomplished over the last twelve years and I wholeheartedly thank my staff for their interest, their questioning, their observations and their continued dedication to our clients and the center. I am equally proud of our customers (animals and humans). Their trust and diligence in carrying out all that they are asked to do at home (or at the stable), the supervision and support of their veterinarians of classical medicine and complementary medicine throughout the recovery process, has undoubtedly helped to maximize the positive results for each animal.

I wish with all my heart that this collaborative effort persists and hope that it evolves in order to continue to bring maximum wellbeing and quality of life to our animals and maximum empowerment to their owners..

Photos taken by Sonia Labarre at Quainton Stud – Centre of Excellence, UK, Official Olympic Training Camp – London 2012

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Certified Tellington TTouch Practicioner/Companion Animals

Registered Member of the
Canine Hydrotherapy
Association (U.K.)

Member of the Association for the Scientific Study of Veterinary and Animal Physiotherapy :

Member of the International Association of Animal Therapists

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