"When my dog Tara was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy in early 2009, a progressive disease which affects the spinal cord and the back legs initially, a specialist vet at St-Hyacinthe Veterinary Hospital recommended Animotion. 

Swimming has helped slow down the progression of this disease and although Tara can no longer walk without assistance, she can move all four legs in the pool. She retained her mobility longer than she would have without this intervention. Swimming allows her to exercise and just as importantly helps her to experience a freedom and mobility which she doesn't have on land. I believe this has helped her to cope better with her disability, just as people who can no longer walk often report a similar psychological response when they swim. In addition to swimming, the other methods used by the Animotion team helped a nervous dog, struggling with a disability, to feel safe and happy.

Animotion is a warm, supportive environment for both Tara and myself. Bringing Tara to Animotion has allowed her to keep a certain quality of life and has helped me learn about how best to help and support her, when no other help or support was at hand. I am grateful that his type of service exists. It has made a huge difference in both of our lives.

Gilian Banks & Tara
September 2010


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