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My dog Jasmine had back surgery following a disc herniation and there were unfortunate complications. After her second surgery, Jasmine's hind quarters were paralyzed and the veterinary orthopaedic surgeon was not sure how much movement would come back. I was frantically searching for someone who could assist Jasmine in her recovery. I was very happy to have found Sonia and her staff. Sonia met with Jasmine for the initial assessment and provided me with a full treatment plan, including free training on T-touch to help Jasmine regain some feeling by being stimulated. After the 1st session, my anxiety level significantly decreased and my hope for a full recovery had increased! Sonia not only possesses the intellectual ability, but more importantly, the healing energy that permuates from her loving soul. Her staff are professional and always took extra special care of Jasmine. Jasmine very quickly regained mobility and sensation. After approximately 1 yr Jasmine has just a minor "skip" in her left hind leg! I believe that if it hadnt been for Sonia's expertise Jasmine would not have made the recovery she has! We have enjoyed many many long walks and happy moments thanks to Sonia and her team!!

Charles Robinson, Joseph Montanaro, Jasmine & Max



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