My name is Maya . I am a 2 yr. 9 mo. old pure-bred Bichon-Maltais. I was born with a defect known as the luxation of the patellas (apparently common to my race). To repair the problem I underwent surgery on my left leg in Feb. 2006. Unfortunately, with time, it was discovered that the operation wasn't as successful as originally anticipated. 

I was introduced to Sonia in Jan. 2007. Coupled with kindness and patience she succeeded in helping me to regain muscle mass strength in my back legs. Her program of T-Touch and aqua-therapy worked wonders. Once these sessions were completed Sonia suggested a program of activities to help me to maintain a continued improvement. 


Within a few weeks a pool will be installedat home, for my usage, which will help me to resume my aqua therapy keeping my back muscles in top condition. With all of this T.L.C I will be able to live a normal, happy and playful doggy life. 

Thank You, Sonia 




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