Montreal, November 12, 2007


Dearest Sonia

How will we ever be able to thank you enough?  Here is our story:

As you know, our Collie/Sheppard, Farfel was stricken with severe pneumonia mid-August.  Test results the day we brought him in to the Veterinarian’s office were so poor that he wasn’t expected to live through the night.  They put him on intravenous antibiotics, and miraculously he pulled through.  The Vet and her staff treated him with kid gloves, and were very kind and warm to him.  Farfel, reacted to their warmth, but was very weak.  The only way to get him to walk at all was with two towels around his abdomen near his legs for support.  He could not bear his weight at all.  After a neurological exam, Farfel was sent home with the hope that being among his people and his own environment would encourage him to try to improve.


Neurologically, there was nothing wrong with him.  The Neurologist suggested that if we could find a pool and get Farfel to swim, the non-weight bearing exercise could help him.  Little did we know that the entire veterinary staff did not give Farfel much chance of ever walking again.

Once home, Farfel took up residence on a large area rug we brought in for him to lie on.  He would reluctantly go for a walk supported by towels, and refused to do his business outdoors, almost immediately relieving himself soon after we brought him in.  He would eat lying on his side, and we were obliged to position his bowl under his snout.

This started to take a toll on our family dynamic, with many arguments about who’s turn it was to carry the dog.  Arlene contacted the Veterinary School of the Université de Montréal in Ste-HyacintheyHHhhhhh and they gave us Sonia’s contact information. 

We met Sonia for the initial T-Touch session, carrying Farfel into her office in a blanket.  He reacted well to the T-Touch, and we decided to give it a try.  We decided to give him two weeks to start showing some improvement.  Had nothing happened, we would probably have made the decision to put Farfel down.  Within two weeks, (four sessions in the pool), a miracle had occurred.  The dog was starting to sit up on his own.  We were able to walk him with only one towel around his hind legs.

We have now been seeing Sonia for almost four months, and Farfel, has returned from the dead.  He goes up and down stairs, climbs on the couch, and can even get up on our bed.  When the door bell rings, he actually trots to the door to bark at whoever is there.

As I said at the outset, without Sonia and her aqua-therapy pool, our Farfel would be dead.  The therapy has helped strengthen his muscles, and has even permitted some rebuilding.  It also helps his arthritic, dysplastic hips. We will continue visiting Sonia for weekly sessions as long as we have Farfel, and recommend her to any of our friends with older animals.

Arlene, Wesley, Shimon, & Avraham Gorin  & especially





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